Hey everybody, my name is Chanelle, and I’m Miss Teenage Wheatland County for 2018! I’m currently in grade 9, I live in Strathmore, AB, which is one of the communities that makes up Wheatland County. I come from a blended family with four siblings, me being the oldest. I value my relationship with family, even though they drive me crazy sometimes, they have taught me responsibility and having compassion. At school I’m on the basketball team, badminton, captain of the volleyball team, and have gone to zone twice for track and field in long jump, relay, 1500 m, and have also placed at counties. Education is something I value quite highly. I have received honors and honors with distinction two years in a row. Outside of school I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading up about the latest fashion, taking photos, and doing mixed material arts. I’ve been doing MMA for the past 3 years. I like learning self-defense and staying healthy.  After high school, I hope to attend Ambrose University to get a acting diploma, along with getting a bachelor’s degree in education, so I have a fall back plan in case being a actress isn’t successful enough to be a full-time job.

  (me in my kickboxing gear on sports day with my brother)

(me, number 4, playing basketball with my friends. Also excuse the hair we had just finished a game.)


I decided to pursue the pageant because it would give me the opportunity to gain life experiences and gain more confidence. However the main driving force was the volunteering and charities you get to work with. In turn this gives me a voice to purse my passion for education. My platform is to raise awareness and money for WE Charities which provides education among other things such as water, food and health care to under developed countries. I plan to sell rafiki bracelets, made by mommas in Kenya that gives them money and the charity, at local events.

I am very thankful for this experience and can’t wait to see what it all brings. Stay tuned for more blogs in the near future.



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When given the opportunity, how would you cope living with a household of new individuals, all with different personalities?

Tune in this Thursday night for the new hit drama, One House. 8 individuals will be thrown into a house with only 4 rooms volunteering to live there for 6 months out of the year. They may get along, and they may not. There will be daily challenges where yours truly will be there to referee. The challenges may be an easy individual challenge, and they may be more partner reliant and difficult, maybe with someone you don’t like and to make things more interesting, there will be a private challenge weekly and this is of course the hardest challenge for  most, they will get the week to accomplish it. I will expose to you how different personalities conflict on many different levels. Living with the same group of people for 6 months will you be able to stay true to yourself? Tune in Thursday night at 7 pm to see how these individuals do.

Goody – how much time do women spend on their hair – alot!  With your support, your hair products would be not only be used but would be a vital part of the show!  As an exclusive sponsor of the show, your products would be the only products used and be the hightlight of the show! 

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The official charity of Miss Teen Canada is Free the Children. Free the Children is a non profit organization and their goal is to free children from poverty and exploitation. They are the largest network in the world with youth helping youth. The charity was founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995 and since then received the “Worlds Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child (Children’s Nobel Prize) and the ” Human Rights Award” from the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations.


Free the Children has many partners such as Miss Teen Canada, but the one that I would like to put in the spotlight for a bit is Cadbury and Kraft Food Products.

Cadbury is more than a tasty treat; they have created the “Bicycle Factory.” Their goal is to create 5000 bicycles for the children in Africa. Now, I know you may be thinking, ‘why a bike?’ well, in Africa, a bike is WAY more than a way of transportation like we may think, it is a way of mobility, freedom and change. The bike serves many purposes such as acting as an ambulance, a water carrier and school bus. So far the Bicycle Factory has created 9332 specially- designed bikes for thousands of children that make going to and from school easier. The Bicycle Factory encourages us to buy yummy cadbury treats and enter the UPC code from their products into the Bicycle Factory website and every code that they get turns into a virtual bike part. Now, it takes 100 codes to complete a bike and you may be thinking that is a lot, but really, with the amount of  cadbury products out there and how much chocolate and such we get at easter and other holidays, its no problem and we should be making millions of bikes soon! Please remember to enter your cadbury UPC codes at http://www.thebicyclefactory.ca/acct.aspx?parameter=createacct. The children of Ghana need our help!!

Why Ghana?

Ghana is really rich in cocoa and in the early 1900’s, William Cadbury made the decision to source cocoa from here. As we chocolate lovers know, cocoa is a crutial part of the chocolate making process. Today, we continue to take cocoa from Ghana, so our way of giving back to the country is creating bicycles because as we learned in the above paragraph, bicycles are very important and serve to be more than a way of transportation. Because of my love for chocolate, I would like to give Ghana a HUGE  thank you for all the cocoa, and I would like to encourage everyone to give back and help out!

Mmm.. Chocolate!!

What is chocolate to you? How long could you go without it? How easy is it to access? Ask yourself these questions and then think of how hard the people of Ghana have to work to harvest all of the cocoa beans. It is easy for us to access chocolate thanks to the people of Ghana. I think it is our turn to give back because they provide us with so much. It is only fair to do our part. By purchasing a Cadbury chocolate product and entering the UPC code online, think of the good you are doing. You are helping build a bike and making someone’s life so much easier. You are giving them freedom, change and happiness. So, in conclusion, i encourage everyone to do their part and help out. Give back to the people who give so much to us.

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I was born and raised in Brooks, Alberta, roughly 2 hours from Calgary. The city isn’t that big but it is heavily populated. I attended school at Holy Family Academy from kindergarten to grade six! In grade six moved to Strathmore, Alberta, half an hour from Calgary. When I lived in Brooks, I played basketball, school volleyball, jazz dance, gymnastics, girl scouts, and baseball. Brooks is special to me because it is where I grew up, where all my good friends are, and I have family living there. Even though there are some foul odorscoming out of Lakeside Packers, I still enjoy visiting and it brings back so many memories. My favorite locations are my friend Miranda Knutsvik’s house, my grandma Eva’s house, 42nd Street, the brand name clothing store in Brooks, and Wal-mart because, who doesn’t love Wal-mart? It’s got everything you need! 4 years ago my family and I moved to Strathmore, where I now call home!  I was crowned Miss Teen Wheatland County-World in February, in Calgary Alberta, and I represent both Strathmore and surrounding communities. I attend Holy Cross Collegiate but am moving to the Strathmore High School next year.  I play both club volleyball with the Diggers, and senior volleyball for the Hawks. My favorite locations are: the chinese resturant; More Than Ice cream,  Wal-mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, my house, and Tim Horton’s. What makes Strathmore so special to me is it is home, and all of my friends and family. 

         I would like to thank my sponsors, Quality Dog grooming for the amount of support they have given me, it really means a lot! Trilogy homes, for donating to Free the Children.  Queens nails, for doing my nails! Kristel Lang and Gold Canyon Candles for all her supporti,  Before and After School Program for sponsoring me, Spiritual Equine, Currie Consulting, and especially all my family and friends for all their generous support and sponsoring. Jeremy Goertz for being the best and funnest photographer ever!!

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So today I went and talked to the girls at the Before and After School Program about self confidence! I had a blast! The little girls were soo fascinated with my crown and they thought that I was a Princess, so cute. This little boy was rounding the corner as I was talking, stopped dead in his tracks, gasped and was like, “Oh my gosh, its a Princess!!!” It was the cutest thing ever! All the girls had so many questions about the pageant as well. I told them about how before the pageant I wasn’t confident and I couldnt really walk in high heels, and that after this pageant, I had so much more confidence and have a lot of self pride and know how to compose myself. The girls were so cute, I don’t think they ever took their eyes off me. They had lots of personal questions to ask me, but the most important thing is that I got my point across! They all took their little pieces that they found important and hopefully they will use those and become more confident. They all wanted their picture with me and they are going to have them printed out and are able to take them home which is really cool. Paula, the owner of the Before and After School also sponsored me which was awesome! I would like to thank them so much for everything, I had a blast!

xoxo Shelbi

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Hello! Shelbi Rae Ramsay day with Quality Dog Grooming has been cancelled!!! Melissa suffered a loss yesterday and has to go and help out with that. However, Tuesday of next week, I am speaking at the Before And After School program about self esteem to young kids, I am very excited and thankful to Paula Beekman for letting me do this. I will also be helping out at the trade show this coming weekend. The trade show is for home based buisnesses, and I will be working the concession. I would also like to congradulate my cousin Taylor Ramsay and all the graduates of 2011, so proud of them all! Well, thats about it for this week, read my article later in the week to see how the speech went at the program. Sending my love to Melissa in this tough time.

xoxo Shelbi

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So, lastnight was my school dance at Holy Cross Collegiate. I had a BLAST!! Michael Molina and his family were the DJ’s and they made sure that everyone was dancing with the music! When I woke up this morning, I had no voice from screaming and yelling so much, also, my body feels like I did an intense work out. Its crazy how much my body hurts!! So far, I have nothing planned for the long weekend except for cleaning and getting my nails done with my mother, Cindy Ramsay! Shelbi- Rae Ramsay day is fast approaching with Quality Dog Grooming!! Hope everyone has a awesome long weekend. REMEMBER, don’t drink and drive! Never get into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking!! Be smart, but have fun!!

xo Shelbi

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Hello! I’m Shelbi Ramsay from Strathmore, Alberta and in the Miss Teen Alberta pageant I was crowned Miss Teen Wheatland County- World 2011. I’m 15 years old and currently attend Holy Cross Collegiate in Strathmore. I enjoy singing, modeling, snowboarding, volleyball, soccer and boating with my family. Just recently, I went to Anaheim, California to compete in a international band festival. We were selected to play in Disneyland Park and at the actual festival in Fullerton College. We combined with a band from High River, Alberta and ended up winning 2nd 5 other awards, one being the Anaheim Spirit Award! I have a huge passion for music, I have been singing just about as long as I have been talking. Both my mom and my grandpa were in bands and I was singing with them at a young age. On the 30th of May, I will be having a Shelbi-Rae Ramsay day with Melissa David from Quality Dog Grooming and all proceeds go towards helping me in the Miss Teen Canada pageant. Melissa has been one of my biggest supporters, she has supported me from day 1 and continues to help me out! Keep tuned in for that blog update! In summer, I am planning on being a big part of Heritage Days! Going in the parades and helping down at the rodeo grounds. Also, coming up soon is the Relay For Life, I will be selling luminaries and also serving the survivors in the survivor dinner.  My platform is Teenager Drug and Alchohol abuse. I would like to promote other ways of having fun without having to bring alchohol and drugs into things. Remember, SAY NOPE TO DOPE! And HUGS NOT DRUGS. My best friends are;  Miranda Knutsvik, Rylee Fulmek, Kirstyn Johnson and Justin Kostiuk. My favorite color is purple! I really enjoy eating bread, and pasta! Continue reading my blog and stay tuned for updates! Thank you for reading!

Thanks to our sponsor Shasha Bread Co for providing healthy snacks for our event and to the Miss Teen Canada team for putting on a great show! I hope you enjoy my blog, which would not have been possible without the help of the Internet marketing firm PageOne.


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