Last Saturday, I attended the Forth Annual Newsy Neighbor Event, Meet Your Neighbor. I had a booth in downtown Strathmore, where I sold Rafikis. My day started at 10 o’clock, with a lot wind. In the morning the weather was rainy, and windy (but thankfully my dad brought me Tim Hortons so I warmed up). As the afternoon approached, the sun came out and more people filled the street. Some of my friends and family stopped by and bought Rafikis. I got a chance to meet people from my community and tell them about my platform, and promote my title.


(Me in a beautiful flower crown, made the Strathmore’s Florist)

Some other photos from the day:

The tater-tots were so good!

Me and my friend protecting the bracelets and paper from the rain.

Me and my booth!


Written by: Chanelle

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