For the Canada Day weekend I was busy. On Friday I went to Strathmore’s Farmers Market. I had a table set up there where I sold my Rafikis. The weather stayed nice during the market. My mom bought me some cherries. I got to meet some lovely vendors and saw a few familiar faces.

On Saturday I went with a few of my friends to Calaway Park, which is a amusement park. On our way home we stopped by Peter’s Drive Thur and got their classic milkshakes. When I got home me and my mom had to run out the store to buy some last minute prizes for our table for Canada Day.

The next day was July 1, aka Canada Day. My mom, me, and my brothers went down to the annual Canada Day Celebration at a local park. The morning was hectic trying to gather and set up everything but we got it done. I was selling my Rafikis there but because this was event is more amid at kids, I also had a duck pond. I got a old Barbie swimming pool from the 70s and brought a couple ducks to float around in my pool. Kids would pick any of the ducks and on the bottoms were numbers,  and depending on the number you got a different prize, each kid got a prize. The pool I had my ducks in started leaking! We got a towel and soaked up the water. Until the end everything was going smoothly, but dark clouds were forming in the sky and it was going to pour. My family agreed to leave at 4:30 but mother nature had other plans. I was with a little girl taking pictures when suddenly both of my chairs fell over due to the wind. I thought I could still take a photo since it was only some chairs. Just as my mom approached my table a huge gust of wind knocked it over sending my bracelets, my duck. my sing , and my money towards the lake. Luckily since my mom had just made it back in time, she threw herself onto the table trying to protect everything she could. I saw my bracelets heading towards the water and knew I couldn’t take any photos today. The family was understanding and even helped me by grabbing my duck pond. I held onto my crown and my family quickly grabbed my things and headed towards the car. Me and my mom headed back to our spot to see if anyone around us needed help. My mom help pull someone’s canopy out of the water, which is in the center of the park. I collected some knitted freeze holders. After everyone said they were good we headed back home. My brother and grandfather’s birthday is on Canada Day so we had a few people over and enjoyed some cake. A couple of my friends were going to the fireworks so I met up with a few of my friends and watched the fireworks. Which was a great ending to my weekend.


Written by: Chanelle

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