I was born and raised in Brooks, Alberta, roughly 2 hours from Calgary. The city isn’t that big but it is heavily populated. I attended school at Holy Family Academy from kindergarten to grade six! In grade six moved to Strathmore, Alberta, half an hour from Calgary. When I lived in Brooks, I played basketball, school volleyball, jazz dance, gymnastics, girl scouts, and baseball. Brooks is special to me because it is where I grew up, where all my good friends are, and I have family living there. Even though there are some foul odorscoming out of Lakeside Packers, I still enjoy visiting and it brings back so many memories. My favorite locations are my friend Miranda Knutsvik’s house, my grandma Eva’s house, 42nd Street, the brand name clothing store in Brooks, and Wal-mart because, who doesn’t love Wal-mart? It’s got everything you need! 4 years ago my family and I moved to Strathmore, where I now call home!  I was crowned Miss Teen Wheatland County-World in February, in Calgary Alberta, and I represent both Strathmore and surrounding communities. I attend Holy Cross Collegiate but am moving to the Strathmore High School next year.  I play both club volleyball with the Diggers, and senior volleyball for the Hawks. My favorite locations are: the chinese resturant; More Than Ice cream,  Wal-mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, my house, and Tim Horton’s. What makes Strathmore so special to me is it is home, and all of my friends and family. 

         I would like to thank my sponsors, Quality Dog grooming for the amount of support they have given me, it really means a lot! Trilogy homes, for donating to Free the Children.  Queens nails, for doing my nails! Kristel Lang and Gold Canyon Candles for all her supporti,  Before and After School Program for sponsoring me, Spiritual Equine, Currie Consulting, and especially all my family and friends for all their generous support and sponsoring. Jeremy Goertz for being the best and funnest photographer ever!!

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  1. Becky says:

    You will always be a Brooks girl to us Shelbi! 🙂

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