The official charity of Miss Teen Canada is Free the Children. Free the Children is a non profit organization and their goal is to free children from poverty and exploitation. They are the largest network in the world with youth helping youth. The charity was founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995 and since then received the “Worlds Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child (Children’s Nobel Prize) and the ” Human Rights Award” from the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations.

Free the Children has many partners such as Miss Teen Canada, but the one that I would like to put in the spotlight for a bit is Cadbury and Kraft Food Products.

Cadbury is more than a tasty treat; they have created the “Bicycle Factory.” Their goal is to create 5000 bicycles for the children in Africa. Now, I know you may be thinking, ‘why a bike?’ well, in Africa, a bike is WAY more than a way of transportation like we may think, it is a way of mobility, freedom and change. The bike serves many purposes such as acting as an ambulance, a water carrier and school bus. So far the Bicycle Factory has created 9332 specially- designed bikes for thousands of children that make going to and from school easier. The Bicycle Factory encourages us to buy yummy cadbury treats and enter the UPC code from their products into the Bicycle Factory website and every code that they get turns into a virtual bike part. Now, it takes 100 codes to complete a bike and you may be thinking that is a lot, but really, with the amount of  cadbury products out there and how much chocolate and such we get at easter and other holidays, its no problem and we should be making millions of bikes soon! Please remember to enter your cadbury UPC codes at The children of Ghana need our help!!

Why Ghana?

Ghana is really rich in cocoa and in the early 1900’s, William Cadbury made the decision to source cocoa from here. As we chocolate lovers know, cocoa is a crutial part of the chocolate making process. Today, we continue to take cocoa from Ghana, so our way of giving back to the country is creating bicycles because as we learned in the above paragraph, bicycles are very important and serve to be more than a way of transportation. Because of my love for chocolate, I would like to give Ghana a HUGE  thank you for all the cocoa, and I would like to encourage everyone to give back and help out!

Mmm.. Chocolate!!

What is chocolate to you? How long could you go without it? How easy is it to access? Ask yourself these questions and then think of how hard the people of Ghana have to work to harvest all of the cocoa beans. It is easy for us to access chocolate thanks to the people of Ghana. I think it is our turn to give back because they provide us with so much. It is only fair to do our part. By purchasing a Cadbury chocolate product and entering the UPC code online, think of the good you are doing. You are helping build a bike and making someone’s life so much easier. You are giving them freedom, change and happiness. So, in conclusion, i encourage everyone to do their part and help out. Give back to the people who give so much to us.

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