I am official in Toronto for Miss Teenage Canada! Today was are first official full day and it was so much fun! I woke up this morning and all of the delegates went to get breakfast. After breakfast we headed down to hair and makeup. For my makeup look the makeup artist did a goldish smokey eye with a nude lip. My hair was then curled into lose/beach curls. I went up to my room to get dressed and practice for our video if we make top 20. I was a bit nervous so I called the person who I knew would remind everything will be alright, my mom. I was called back down and was sent off to video. The video was a little nerve-racking at first but once I started I felt at ease. Next up was photo shoot. I had never had a photo shoot with big fancy lights and a fan?!? I kinda felt like Gigi Hadid not gonna lie. When I got back to the main room with all the girls, our food had arrived. For lunch and supper we got prep-pared meals by the company Clean Meals. They gave us girls a lot of variation of meals packed with tons of nutrients in each of them. It is important to eat healthy, especially in a time like this, since if all of your body doesn’t get the nutrient it needs to function properly then you can’t function and be the best version of you. All the food was delicious and was a good boost since my interview was right after. I loved seeing all the girls dressed up for their interview, they all looked amazing! We had a little free time so I called my family to update them on my day. I also may or may not had have a mini ABBA dance party on my bed(I totally did). All the girls were off to rehearsals for our shows. We learned our walks for swimwear and evening gown. The choreographer also taught us our opening number and lucky it isn’t crazy dancing so I don’t have to look like chicken with no head. When rehearsals were all done we got to go back to our rooms for the night and chilled. Today was so amazing. I definitely learned somethings from all aspects of the day. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

-Miss Teenage Wheatland County 2018, Chanelle





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