Last Friday I attended the weekly farmers market downtown at Kinsmen Park. I was in a pink tent set up along the park path. I sold Rafikis and different bracelets also made in Kenya by WE. I meet some really nice girls beside me who were selling homemade crafts. I saw a familiar faces but I got to meet new people in my community. I bought some chocolate to support the local cheer team, Matrix Cheer All Stars. The only downfall was it was +30 degrees Celsius outside that day so I was really hot. To help with the heat, one of the teachers from my school, Ms.Hunter bought me some Starbucks, and I was really grateful. The tent I was in wasn’t holding up at the end and almost collapsed onto me.  I still enjoyed myself and sold some bracelets.

Here are some pictures of my time there.



Written by: Chanelle

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