When given the opportunity, how would you cope living with a household of new individuals, all with different personalities?

Tune in this Thursday night for the new hit drama, One House. 8 individuals will be thrown into a house with only 4 rooms volunteering to live there for 6 months out of the year. They may get along, and they may not. There will be daily challenges where yours truly will be there to referee. The challenges may be an easy individual challenge, and they may be more partner reliant and difficult, maybe with someone you don’t like and to make things more interesting, there will be a private challenge weekly and this is of course the hardest challenge for  most, they will get the week to accomplish it. I will expose to you how different personalities conflict on many different levels. Living with the same group of people for 6 months will you be able to stay true to yourself? Tune in Thursday night at 7 pm to see how these individuals do.

Goody – how much time do women spend on their hair – alot!  With your support, your hair products would be not only be used but would be a vital part of the show!  As an exclusive sponsor of the show, your products would be the only products used and be the hightlight of the show! 

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