Hello! Shelbi Rae Ramsay day with Quality Dog Grooming has been cancelled!!! Melissa suffered a loss yesterday and has to go and help out with that. However, Tuesday of next week, I am speaking at the Before And After School program about self esteem to young kids, I am very excited and thankful to Paula Beekman for letting me do this. I will also be helping out at the trade show this coming weekend. The trade show is for home based buisnesses, and I will be working the concession. I would also like to congradulate my cousin Taylor Ramsay and all the graduates of 2011, so proud of them all! Well, thats about it for this week, read my article later in the week to see how the speech went at the program. Sending my love to Melissa in this tough time.

xoxo Shelbi

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So, lastnight was my school dance at Holy Cross Collegiate. I had a BLAST!! Michael Molina and his family were the DJ’s and they made sure that everyone was dancing with the music! When I woke up this morning, I had no voice from screaming and yelling so much, also, my body feels like I did an intense work out. Its crazy how much my body hurts!! So far, I have nothing planned for the long weekend except for cleaning and getting my nails done with my mother, Cindy Ramsay! Shelbi- Rae Ramsay day is fast approaching with Quality Dog Grooming!! Hope everyone has a awesome long weekend. REMEMBER, don’t drink and drive! Never get into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking!! Be smart, but have fun!!

xo Shelbi

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Hello! I’m Shelbi Ramsay from Strathmore, Alberta and in the Miss Teen Alberta pageant I was crowned Miss Teen Wheatland County- World 2011. I’m 15 years old and currently attend Holy Cross Collegiate in Strathmore. I enjoy singing, modeling, snowboarding, volleyball, soccer and boating with my family. Just recently, I went to Anaheim, California to compete in a international band festival. We were selected to play in Disneyland Park and at the actual festival in Fullerton College. We combined with a band from High River, Alberta and ended up winning 2nd 5 other awards, one being the Anaheim Spirit Award! I have a huge passion for music, I have been singing just about as long as I have been talking. Both my mom and my grandpa were in bands and I was singing with them at a young age. On the 30th of May, I will be having a Shelbi-Rae Ramsay day with Melissa David from Quality Dog Grooming and all proceeds go towards helping me in the Miss Teen Canada pageant. Melissa has been one of my biggest supporters, she has supported me from day 1 and continues to help me out! Keep tuned in for that blog update! In summer, I am planning on being a big part of Heritage Days! Going in the parades and helping down at the rodeo grounds. Also, coming up soon is the Relay For Life, I will be selling luminaries and also serving the survivors in the survivor dinner.  My platform is Teenager Drug and Alchohol abuse. I would like to promote other ways of having fun without having to bring alchohol and drugs into things. Remember, SAY NOPE TO DOPE! And HUGS NOT DRUGS. My best friends are;  Miranda Knutsvik, Rylee Fulmek, Kirstyn Johnson and Justin Kostiuk. My favorite color is purple! I really enjoy eating bread, and pasta! Continue reading my blog and stay tuned for updates! Thank you for reading!

Thanks to our sponsor Shasha Bread Co for providing healthy snacks for our event and to the Miss Teen Canada team for putting on a great show! I hope you enjoy my blog, which would not have been possible without the help of the Internet marketing firm PageOne.


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